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Vicious Cycle of Modern Day Lives

Yes, this blog is about enjoying work and life. You can’t have one and not the other. That’s when one would either stressed out (being hating work) or failed to achieve one’s potential (being enjoyed life while ignoring everything else). Finding the perfect balance is easier said than done.

Today’s blog is about neither. It is about how everyone of us are trapped in a vicious cycle of trying to achieve something that the society expects us to do. For example, everyone in the modern day is expected to go to school, learn life skills, start working , get a career, build a life, etc. At the end of our life-cycle, we are expected to pass on our knowledge to our future generation. And the cycle begins again.

This is not so bad if there are no hurdles or life-events along the way. But God always have different plans for everyone. There is always unforeseen events that may appear and stop the plans half-way. For example, while one is doing find and having a successful career may find himself out of job and living on the street.

Well, today’s blog is going to discuss why are we all in this predicament, and is there anyway we can get out of this vicious cycle. I’ve pondered this question for years and I come to the conclusion that I could not get out of the cycle unless I decided to drop everything in front of me and live in a forest and live off the land.

Let’s build the case shall we by asking several questions.

Why do we exist

We exist today because God has plans for everyone of us, big or small. However, God does not tell us what He has plan for us. We just have to figure it out ourselves. But the problem is when we were born, we are just one of the helpless creatures with no capability of defending ourselves. We go through years of learning and training before we are even capable of being independent. We exist to be part of a larger community so we can give back to the community for years to come. So should we be selfish and say the hell with it and just do whatever we want? The answer is unfortunately no. We will continue to stick to the plan (unwritten plan) and hopefully we are on the right plan.

Why do we do what we are told

Early on we’ve already been told that we should do this and that. If we don’t we will fail in life. To a certain extent this is true because everything has already been dictated by society. For example, if a 6 year old child says he wants to be a fireman when he grows up, he cannot just wear the fire proof and jump in a building that is in fire and hope to put out the fire. No, the child has to learn all the necessary skills and when he becomes an adult will have to take all the training and exams and hope one day he will become a fireman. But what if the child decides to step out of line when he was 12 and did something different? Using my personal experience as an example, I knew that when I was in high school I want to be in the business world, but I don’t know how. But to get there I learned that I MUST get good grades, go to college, obtain certain skills, apply for jobs, go to interviews and hope that I get that job. Now after 25 years, I continue to follow the unwritten route and hope that one day I’m well off to retire. What if I decided that I don’t want to follow the plan anymore? My whole life-being, including my children’s will collapse. So the conclusion is I don’t have a choice.

What about the haves and haves not

When we start to become independent of our parents, we were already exposed to how the society works in terms of livelihood. For us to be able to get what we want in life, it will cost money. To get the money, we need to earn it. And to earn it, we need to use a third of our lives in it. Take for an example of buying a car. When I was in grade school I already wanted a car of my own. Unfortunately I learned that the car is not like a toy and costs a lot of money. When I became an adult, I soon realized that to get the money to buy the car, I need to get a job. However, at the same time I found out that what I make is not what I earn, and that means that it is much harder to buy the car. Not only that I need to pay the government and everyone in between of my hard earned money in order to get the car I wanted. The another question arise out of this dilemma – do I really need the car? The short answer is no, but society tells us we do because it bring us convenience and freedom to do what we want. So we fall back into the same cycle with no way of getting out.

As I noted earlier, the only way for us not to participate in this cycle is live in a forest and go off grid. If we live off land where no one (in this case society) can reach us, then we won’t be influenced by all the rules, systems and programs. We could be free from all the hassle and stress of the modern day lives. Unfortunately, reality hits us like a rock. Homo sapiens are creatures who seek convenience, even cavemen invented wheel and discovered fire that staying status quo would never work.

At the end is it really that bad to be in the vicious cycle? Personally I have given it a lot of thoughts and realize that if we manage our expectations and be happy with what we have following the cycle is really not that bad.

Let me know your thoughts!


Does God exist? Yes, miracle does happen.

I am a Christian, but not a devout one. I should, but I keep coming up with reasons not to be. Most often than not, life is just too stressful that being a devoted Christian is a second thought. My family goes to church almost every Sunday but we were just not interested in serving at Church or go on a mission like some of the brothers and sisters. I prefer to stay in one place where things are more predictable.

I remember my son said to me that he is a Christian but just does not have the same beliefs as some of his friends at Church. This prompted me to ask him if he believes in God. The question wasn’t forthcoming.

So, that begs the question, does God exist? For any believers, they believe God exists and our existence in this world is planned by God. For atheists, they believe in chances and circumstances. God has nothing to do with what is going on in the world.

I remembered when I went through my baptism class and I asked the same question to the brother who led the class. He told the class that he was an astrophysicist with a PhD degree. Him, like all doctors in his field would denounce the existence of God based on the materials presented to him during his studies. However, he had not been able to answer the simple question: who is holding the universe together? We learn about planets, black matter and galaxies. But there are no clear answers what is grasping all these items and controlling each and everyone? He believes that there is a supreme being who is responsible for everything that we see and learn.

My answer is quite simple. God does exist and this can be answered by miracles that happen around us. If none of us can explain why things happen (good or bad) through logical thinking, then we know there are higher power in this world making things happen. I believe in chances and circumstances but they are all part of God’s plan.

In the next several posts I’ll offer several miracles that had happened to me that I have yet able to come up with a clear logical answer.

Prayers Answered

After I graduated from Baruch College, CUNY with a Marketing degree, I thought that I would not have any problem looking for a job in New York city. And boy was I wrong. For several months I sent resumes to companies looking for executive assistant and to advertising agencies looking for entry level account manager. With no experience and background in any of this field put me in the bottom pile of potential candidates.

After several months of job seeking with no real prospect, I decided to take a long vacation and go back to see my sister in Malaysia. The first week in Malaysia was uneventful. The second week happened unexpectedly. My brother-in-law has an older brother who happened to have a free ticket to go to Tioman Island and I was invited to go. It was during this trip I met my wife (who happens to be a younger sister of my brother-in-law) and we were able to get to know each other well.

After the trip, my wife and I became a couple. I was worried that because I did not have a job and there would be no way for me to maintain the relationship from a long distance. I remembered my wife, who is a devoted Christing, said that she would pray for me after I return to the USA.

In less than two weeks I had an interview with Arthur Andersen. The Human Resources representative was a Baruch alumni and she pushed the hiring manager to consider me as a candidate. Through this connection I was able to secure a position at Arthur Andersen and since my career had taken off.

What are the miracles?

  1. Unplanned trip to US which coincided with a trip to Tioman Island using a free ticket.
  2. Unplanned trip to Tioman Island and met my wife whom I am happily married for 21 years and counting.
  3. Unexpected interview with Arthur Andersen.
  4. A Baruch alumni in the right time and place and recommended me as the candidate for the open position.

So my question to everyone is have you had any miracles in your life that you can’t explain? I would love to hear from you.