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Quick and Healthy Recipe – Baked Vegetables in Less than 10 Minutes

This is a simple no nonsense vegetable dish that my family loves. Not only it is healthy, it is very easy to make. All it takes is 5 minutes.

Cut 3 florets of broccoli into bit size pieces. Add 2 zucchinis and cut them into pieces. Mix them up in a heat resistant container.

Add extra virgin olive oil and salt. My family prefers the pink salt because of the supposedly benefits. You can use regular salt if you prefer. I would also add some garlic powder if you have it around.

Mix everything real well with your hand.

Place the container in a toaster over. Instead of selecting the bake option, I use the toast option and use the highest setting. It usually takes about 5 minutes for the cycle to complete.

Remove it from the toaster oven and mix it again with a spoon. Put it back in the oven and toast it again for another cycle.

The vegetable should be done if you see some charred vegetables.

Serve the vegetable with tuna cooked with onion. Perfect light and healthy lunch for the family.

Let me know if you want to see more of these types of meal in the comments.

Do these 5 Things for a Healthier Diet!

It is a new year and like many of us you are probably resetting your goal and repeat the same resolution from last year – lose weight. The pandemic has such a profound impact on everyone’s life that following a strict diet is almost close to impossible. All of us are constantly worry about getting the virus or what to cook for the next meal.

If you are like most Americans who are trying to lose weight but just could not get on the right track, well let just say you are not alone. Before the pandemic there are a lot of temptations that seem to get the better of us. Knee deep in the pandemic, all we worry about is what not getting infected whenever we go out food shopping.

Here I highlight several things you can change right away without breaking the bank. If you do them correctly, you are one step closer to reaching your goal. These 5 things that you should do right away are not revolutionary; you are likely heard of them but just didn’t think they matter.

Remove all Sugary Drink

Yes, you read and heard of this multiple times. Sugar is an evil invention that has caused all kinds of chronic disease in the country. It is perhaps the number one killer in America. The most obvious disease is diabetes, which ultimately lead to obesity and heart disease. Some of the drinks include soda, iced tea, drinks in a cans and even the Starbuck’s Frappucino should be avoided at all cost. A can of 12 oz coke has 39 gram of sugar, which is the recommended daily sugar intake for an adult male.

Instead of drinking a can of coke or a iced tea, go for hot tea (without sweatener). Nowadays there are all kinds of tea that will fit all kinds of taste. If you are not into the traditional tea, then try out fruit tea. Tea is know to have antioxidant that may boost our immune system and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Pick any tea as long as it is tea

Don’t Use Sweeteners! Use Honey Instead

On the same subject of sugar, if you are counting calories there are 16 of them in 1 teaspoon of sugar. Depends on individuals, we burn up to 2,000 calories in a day naturally. So a few teaspoons of sugar can be burned by end of day. However, sugar creates a problem for those who have are not able to metabolize glucose correctly. Many food companies cashed in on the diet craze and start to offer sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame and sucralose. Instead of using processed sugar cane, these food additives became a direct replacement for those who are calorie conscious. While there are no real studies to corelate sweeteners with risk on our health, you should avoid it at all cost. Instead of using artificial sweeteners use honey instead.

Reduce Red Meat, Eat Fish Instead

There are studies shown that meat is carcinogen, particularly those that are processed. Eating small portion occasionally should not have detrimental effect on our health. To meet your new year goal I suggest that you reducing red meat in your diet and eat more fish. Certain fish (particularly Mackerel) prevents heart disease and may lower diabetes. Salmon is known to contain good fat and tuna improves our immune system and encourage weight loss. If you are not into fishes, they replace red meat with white meat such as chicken.

Eat Colorful Vegetables

Eating just green leafy vegetable gets really boring quickly. By just limiting to greens, you are also limiting to certain vitamin. One option is to have a variety of different colorful vegetables such as carrots or sweet peppers. Colorful vegetables actually contains a lot of vitamin C and helps promote our immune system and also encourage weight loss. However, be mindful how you eat your vegetables. Eating salad is considered eating vegetables, but adding “heavy” dressing such as ceasar or thousand island defeat the purpose of keeping a healthy diet. Always select dressings that does not have cream, cheese or sugar. Consider dressings that are sour such as balsamic vinaigrette.

Skip the Desserts

I was born and raised in Asia. Eating sweets or desserts after meal was not common and my wife and I continue this way once we have our family. If you travel to South East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or even Japan you hardly see overweight people. After meal most Asians would just drink tea or anything warm. They do not eat cakes or desserts that are usually contains a lot of sugar. Most Americans tend to eat desserts after meal. After a fulfilling meal, eating cake or pies just add more calories that require our bodies to metabolize. To burn off the extra calories will require additional 2 hours of exercise. However, we usually opt to just sit on the sofa and watch TV for the next 2 hours.

Dieting is difficult but with some determination (and exercise) getting rid some of the weight should not be difficult. So start small by taking these 5 steps now.

Poached Eggs in 2 Minutes

Have you ever tried to poach an egg using traditional “pot” and water method? You will know how difficult it is to get it right. In fact, you will probably fail 10 times before you get the perfect egg.

Here is one quick recipe that you will like and it only takes less than 2 minutes using microwave. This is an easy recipe for a healthy diet.

Use a bowl, preferably a medium size rice bowl and fill halfway with cold water.

Craft the eggs in the bowl. Don’t break the egg yolks. Make sure the water cover the eggs just enough.

Put the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute and 50 seconds. You may want to experiment with your microwave to get the ideal time. Don’t cook over the recommended time or the eggs will expand and explode.

Remove the bowl immediately. You know the eggs are cooked when the water turns cloudy white. Sometimes the eggs will float to the top.

Put it on a plate, add some salt and pepper to serve.

If you want runnier egg yolks, try reduce cooking time by 10 seconds.

Is Obesity a Heredity Problem?

Obesity is a major problem in the USA and trends suggest that this is not going away. Numerous studies were done and multiple programs to tackle obesity were undertaken by federal, state and city governments. However, most of them seem to be futile. As more and more people are aware of this problem, many seem to suggest that this could be a heredity problem. Or is it?

According to Wikipedia, Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that it may have a negative effect on health.  People are generally considered obese when their body mass index (BMI), a measurement obtained by dividing a person’s weight by the square of the person’s height. And according to CDC guideline, anyone who is 30% and above are considered obese.

Obesity carries a tremendous cost and risk. Not only the cost of healthcare to treat obesity has skyrocketed, it also creates cost when one could not work because of obesity. Obesity is linked to over 60 chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The Covid-19 also impacts people with underlying conditions more severe than healthy individuals.

According to one of the publication that states that as of July 2020, one-third of Americans are obese. And one in six of children are obese. And according to CDC, obesity rate for adults is on the rise. One of the most interesting fact of obesity, it appears to be more prevalent in the mid and Southern states where greasy and sweet food seems to be common diet.

One of the common arguments, particularly point out that obesity is mostly heredity. I’ve never been obese so I can’t say that is it true. However, I believe it is a problem of being responsible for oneself instead of blaming on heredity.

You are What You Eat

Food is the major contributor to the obesity crisis. The abundance of fast food, convenient food and processed food help create the the 30% plus obese Americans. If you go back to the 1970s obesity was not in the vocabulary. However, with renewed interest in the food and explosion of food industry there were more unhealthy and processed foods created. Nowadays you see fast food restaurant almost at every street corners of American cities. If you have the opportunity to travel to Asian countries you will notice that majority of the population are not overweight. However, current trends suggest that obesity is on the rise as more and more Asian countries begin to adopt American lifestyle.

One of the most interesting fact of the map that CDC put together clearly shows that states that have higher rate of obesity tend to concentrate on the Southern and Mid states where greasy food, such as “fried chicken” and BBQ, are normal diet. Another common diet is the amount of sweet desserts after meal.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Smartphones, social network and media streaming have been a blessing and a curse. They provide us all types of entertainment and we feel content by just sitting on the sofa all day. Many would rather going through each post on Facebook or every videos that YouTube. On the flip side we are becoming less active. Getting the required exercise is no longer on the to-do list. To be able to successfully lose weight we need to exercise often and be consistent. Laziness is not a heredity trait.

I agree that losing weight takes a lot of effort and it is not easy. Blaming it on heredity is just and easy way out to avoid responsibility. It takes less than 5 minutes to eat a burger but takes 2 hours to burn off the calorie. If you have been following Rebel Wilson, you would know that nothing is impossible. Changing of diet and lifestyle is the only way to achieve your ideal body weight. And it has nothing to do with heredity.

Getting Fit Journey (day 360) – What the pandemic has thought me

It has been a while since I posted a progress of my journey to a better me. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a tremendous impact on how I progress with the journey. Not only that I had to put on my lifestyle on hold, I have been spending considerable amount of time working remotely. Who would have thought that working remotely is as bad as working in the office? Remote working has significant impact on how much time I was able to spend in getting exercise.

The good news is I did not gain weight; but the bad news is I did not lose weight either. The pandemic has impact on a number of people as going to gym is being limited. Working out in the public comes with risk as more people are afraid of getting infected by the virus. The result is more and more people are gaining weight while being locked down in their homes.

The pandemic has taught me several things as I continue to keep my diet in check. Prior to the pandemic I made conscious decision to buy two different sets of groceries: one for the family and one just for me. To minimize the chances of getting infected, I limit the trips in going to the supermarket or groceries store. Instead of buying two sets of groceries I only focus on food for the family. However, keeping my diet in check continues to be a priority. If you have not read my previous post on how to maintain a good diet, please check this out.

There are few adjustments that I made to ensure I continue to keep my diet in check and to ensure I am not jeopardizing the progress I made so far. I no longer could afford to cut every bad food since I am eating the same as my family.

Minimize Red Meat

As much as possible, I limit the red meat in our diet. We only eat white meat such as chicken breast. If we need to make our dishes less boring, I would alternate red meat once every week. To control my diet, I would limit red met to only a small portion. Some may argue that red meat is essential and that it does not cause any harm when dieting. However, there are numerous study found that meat is carcinogen.

Small Portion

In my previous post I noted that one of the best way for diet is remove “white” ingredients from the diet. That includes white rice, white sugar and white flour as they contain high carbohydrate content that can be easily converted to fat. One of the best ways I found effective is limit the portion. I would alternate white rich and brown rice when I prepare dinner for my family.

No Sugar Drink – More Tea

Sugary drink such as soda and juices contain a lot of sugar. Not only they cause problem on our diet, they are a problem to our health as well. Unfortunately, my kids will occasionally drink them as they sometimes make the “boring” food we eat more palatable. Replacing sugary drink with tea is the best way. My family love Earl Grey tea and and it continues to be our best choice of tea. Other teas that we enjoy are fruit tea, Korean barley tea and Japanese green tea. Not only they have great taste they are full of antioxidants that may reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease and certain cancers.

More Colorful Food

Food categories such as green leaves and fruits are important diet for our family. In each meal we must have at least one green dish. One of the best things about Asian food is “green” food is not only limited to broccoli, there are various type of vegetables suc bok choy, yu choy and bean sprouts. They are so much varieties that we can make our meal less “boring”. Other choice that we consciously make is replacing snacks with colorful food such as fruits.

Exercise Options

As the gyms went into lock down, getting the right amount of exercise is limited in our homes. We are no longer able to get all the required exercise we need but luckily we have a treadmill that we can use. Additionally, we also bought an elliptical machine that we can use in our home. While I am no longer able to put in some strength training I believe getting cardio exercise would be more beneficial as we continue to be locked down at home in these unprecedented times.

The pandemic upended a lot of lives and unfortunately taken a lot of lives. Not only it is a wake-up call for a lot of us, it also tells us that we are fighting a losing war with the infectious disease. It also makes me rethink how to maintain a diet in such challenging times.

How to maintain good diet and keep it that way

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If you have read my earlier blog, I’m on a mission to build a better me in 2020. This is not by choice but something that I have to do for myself and my family. There are two very important persons (my wife and my daughter) in my life who I adore dearly and I made personal commitment that I will be there for them whenever they need me.

One of my goals to achieve that is eat healthy. However, that is not an easy feat consider that we are inundated with fast and convenient food. And both of these food are neither healthy nor beneficial to us if we want to eat healthy. While most packaging would state the fact that they contain the necessary nutrients and minerals for our healthy lifestyle they are just of part of their marketing efforts. Of course all of us will continue to consume these food because they are “convenient” and I’m no different.

The big question is how do we maintain a healthy diet and keep it that way? Many people have tried but most have failed to maintain the diet. Hence, big companies that are in the dietary industry understand this and will continue to use this weakness to benefit from us. These companies are not interested in getting any of us thin and healthy; they are only interested in the bottom line of the company.

I have my own successes and failures. Thus, I am not in the position to tell everyone that my methods will guarantee that you will lose weight. Most of these are common sense and you may have already read about them. This blog is just to reiterate and reemphasize some of the key points.

Set Achievable SMART Goals

Don’t set goals that are so far that you will not be able to reach. Or don’t set a goal that is so vague that there is no way for you to measure if you are successful. I highly recommend that you set a SMART goal that continue to update as you go along. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Many people have a new year resolution to lose weight. To achieve that goal they commit to join a gym and at least go there once a week. While these goals seem appropriate, there is nothing to measure if it is successful. I suggest the following goal: lose 5 pounds in the first month and commit to have active workout for 5 hours the first week. As you completed the first goal, set the next goal by increasing the difficulty gradually.


Commitment is required to ensure that you are on track to meet the SMART goal. It is easy to set a goal and then forget about it. Many of us (including myself) tend to find excuses not to make the commitment. Similar to setting a SMART goal, you need to keep reminding yourself the importance to stick to the goal. There are several ways that I find work really well for me:

  • Look at the mirror everyday – Some people are conscious of how they look and stop using the mirror. This actually has a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves. Use a full size mirror to gauge your progress. A mirror can determine if there are any changes in your body and if there are any areas that you will need to target.
  • Think about someone you care – Dieting is not only for yourself, you need to remind yourself who you are dieting for. Thinking about other than yourself will help you prioritize your goals. As an example, I always think of my daughter because I keep reminding myself that I want to look at my best when I hand her to her future husband when she gets married. And I want to be there for her when she needs me.

Resist Temptation

Food is a necessary evil. We require food to sustain our well-being. At the same time food can also kill us if we have too much of it. Caveman in the pre-historic age only knew how to hunt and eat. Cooking was never in the vocabulary. However, over the last several century human became curious with the food and start experimenting different kind of food and taste. Instead of calling it food we began to call it cuisine. Chef became a profession and his main job is to make the food tasty and enticing. Before heart disease became a number one killer, no one thought that food could kill.

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When food is tasty we could never get too much of it. To maintain a healthy diet we need to be able to resist the temptation of eating it. If you are allowed to eat one slice of bacon, can you resist yourself from eating the second slice? How do you control how much you can eat? One of the best ways that I find work really well for me is to remind myself how bad the food is if I eat it. Eating the bacon is great but I would tell myself how much salt and fat in that slice and if I continue to eat it I will need go to the gym for another extra two hours to burn it off.

Eat Small Portion

All-you-can-eat buffet is perhaps one of the worst restaurant that was ever invented. When you go into one of these buffets you are encourage to gorge yourself because you already paid of the meal. Our natural response is we want to get our money worth by eating as much as possible. Unfortunately, our body is a machine that can only synthesize that much food and convert it into energy that our body requires to function. When we take in too much food, our body will continue to break down the food and will store the energy as fat when the energy is no longer required. To top it off we as human has become less active and we use less energy. This compound the problem as more fat continue to be stored.

The better option is to eat less but more often. One way to do it is use smaller plate during meal. This will trick our sense to eat certain portion instead of filling a large plate. We need to have strong will to keep our appetite in check instead of continue to satiate our desire for more food. Sometimes I find this very hard to do especially when I am having a good meal with my family.

Choose wisely

There are certain food that tastes bad but it is good for our overall health. And there are those food that is so good that you cannot eat just one, but you know that eating more could have detrimental health issue. For example, eating steamed vegetables is not the most exciting food to eat when compared to eating 5 sticks of bacon. Obesity has become a number one problem in the US is because of this reason. People tend to choose something that they like instead of something that is good for them.

Make Sacrifice

This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do when you are on a diet. The sacrifice I am referring to is you can look at the food but you can’t touch it. I remember very well that when I went on a cruise with my family there was so much good food on the cruise. I kept reminding myself that I had to eat healthy and did not eat the food my kids were eating. Instead of choosing the steak, I opt for the fish. Now I learn to look at my kids enjoying the food while I stick with greens and fish.

Avoid Certain Food at All Cost

Nowadays you can see all kinds of warning labels on our food. Not only that many food companies started to add all kinds of food preservatives and chemicals that were intended to preserve the food but became a toxin to us. Food can be tasty but they contains compounds that could cause problems to our health and kill us.

Another type of food that everyone should avoid is food laden with sugar. Sugar is perhaps one of the greatest discovery of mankind. It was originally discovered that sugar can make disgusting food palatable. However, overtime sugar became the main ingredient to make food tasty and appealing. Soon doctors and nutritionists found that sugar is the main cause of diabetes and obesity in America.

Plan Ahead

I can’t stress this enough. Preparing a meal requires a lot of planning; we should use this opportunity to plan what we want to eat. Instead of eating the fatty or calories loaded food, plan to include vegetables in the meal. If you plan to go on a vacation, plan ahead of what type of meals you want to eat. Can you afford to eat Bar-B-Que restaurants or would it better to eat something light at a Sushi restaurant? All these planning will help us to choose better without any regrets. Whenever I cook for the family I make sure there are greens on our dinner table and chicken white meat. If there is no chicken, I always replace it with fish instead of red meat.

Dieting is hard. What I suggest above have work well for myself and family. There is no magic bullet when it comes to successful dieting. If you have to ask me what is the key to success I have to say commitment is key. Without commitment all the planning and goals you set for yourself will be for nothing.

One Small Step, the Kaizen Way to Maintain Diet

I recently started reading a book by Dr. Robert Maurer, a psychologist and kaizen expert. The title of the book is called One Small Step Can Change Your Life. Obviously the title of the book caught my attention and as a self proclaimed “continuous improvement” buff I just couldn’t resist myself and bought the book. I was curious as to what I could learn from this book.

Before I begin, I want to confess that I have not finished the book but upon reading the kaizen concept, I was intrigue. According to Wiki, the Japanese word kaizen means “change for better” and the word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small. This was a method used by Japanese businesses after World War II to improve on their processes, influenced in part by American business and quality-management teachers.

Dr. Maurer book essentially provide a guide on how to ease into new habits—and turning your life around. He basically list several steps to steadily build confidence and make insurmountable-seeming goals attainable. So why am I bringing this up today as part of dieting? Well, for the large part majority of us who tried many dieting programs and failed, the kaizen way will likely help and may to achieve the impossible.

Before going over how kaizen can help, let’s look at why most of us failed in losing weight. Most of us would look at the mirror and feel “big” and bloated. And most of us are always looking for the magic pill to help us remove all the fat and feel fit again. The truth is there is no magic pill and even if there is, the likelihood to attain the perfect weight is risky (remember fen-phen, the magical diet drugs?). Also, to achieve the perfect weight requires a lot more effort than just sitting on the couch.

One of the method that I’ve seen many tried is using the “Big Bang” method. Big bang refers to sudden change in behavior and body chemistry. This involves drastic method in losing weight such as go under the knife or ingesting drugs. This method is usually effective short term. Our body is a well oiled machine and will adjust itself to the change and begin to resist the change. Over time, our body will begin to fall back to its old self. That’s why you hear those stories how one could lose weight one day and gain back the weight the next day.

The kaizen way basically helps us control the diet slowly and consistently until our body starts to adjust to the change slowly. Essentially, to be effectively in controlling the diet is to take small steps that you are comfortable with. Below are some of the steps that I believe may help.

Reduce Sugar Intake One Can a Day

I can’t say enough how sugar is perhaps one of the worst inventions of mankind. Over the last 50 years, sugar has single handedly caused obesity and all kinds of disease. Americans are infatuated with sugar. Many rely on Coke as their preferred choice of drink. Other drinks such as the gourmet coffee from Starbucks are loaded with sugar too. The convenience food that we buy from supermarket has no shortage of sugar either. The question is how do you reduce the intake of sugar effectively – one-day-at-a-time. Start the kaizen way by having one less coke a day; or stop eating one less Oreo cookie. Over time you would have achieve the impossible by removing sugar from your diet.

Add Exercise Routine Slowly

Exercising is extremely important, particularly for those who are at risk of heart disease. And a large percentage of people who are obese are in this category. However, if you ask these people to start exercising is like asking them to climb Mount Everest. Not only that they are incapable to make the climb, they are likely going to injure themselves. The kaizen way I am proposing is to start slow and keep adding new routine every other day. As an example, instead of running 5K on a treadmill, maybe start walking for 5 minutes. Two days later add another 5 minutes. In two weeks time, start running for 5 minutes. In 6 months you should be able to run 30 minutes non-stop.

Add a SMART Goal Every Month

It is impossible to have a 6-pack abs in a year if are overweight. Trust me, I tried. It takes time and effort and a lot of commitment. Instead of setting the bars so high up, let’s set a goal that is easily achievable. For the New Year resolution, start a goal by reducing drinking a soda. A week later, add another goal on top of the first one. Perhaps stop buying soda altogether and replace all sugary drink with tea.

Celebrate Achievements the Kaizen Way

How do you continue to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals? How do you continue to motivate yourself? By celebrating as you reach the milestones. Instead of just looking at the major goal, try celebrating each milestones. The kaizen way is simply document each achievements. Other option is to list all the achievements on the board so it is visible. Not only that is a great motivation, it will help in ensuring that you are on the right track.

Kaizen is a method that is used by many companies to achieve continuous improvement. Without the kaizen way, the Japanese automakers today would not be where they are. They continue to strive to improve their products and over the last several decades, Japanese automakers are perhaps the top tiers in terms of reliability. I believe this method is well suited for anyone who is challenged in meeting their diet goals. Start small but be consistent; success could be achieved over the long run.

Tools for Getting Fit

One of the greatest thing that we have in today modern world to get fit is there are tons of resources available for free. You can use YouTube and learn some fitness routine or you can search online for fitness plan. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for obesity in America.

I could understand that many of us hesitate to pay or subscribe to services that we may never use. But if the best tools are available for free, why don’t we use them to their fullest. What we need to be successful is to have the drive and motivation to meet the challenges.

I have the same challenges when it comes to getting fit. There are a number of priorities that would take most of my time so getting the required exercise is probably not the most important thing I want to focus on. I remembered several years ago sitting in my manager’s office to go over my annual performance results. She asked me if I took any training. I told her that I did not take all the required training because I did not have the time. Her response was “you find the time”. She made me realized that I have been using “never have the time” as an excuse for things that I had never achieved.

Today’s blog is focused on a tool that I have started using and it is called “Six Pack in 30 days” app. This app is free with ads. The ads are not intrusive and they do not get in the way of me following the program. In fact most of the time I hardly aware there are ads. Please note that this blog is not paid by developer of the app. I’m posting this for the benefits of anyone who is interested in getting fit. Also like all exercise, you may want to consult with your doctors. If that is not possible, remember to limit yourself to what you are capable of. Finally, exercise alone is not enough; a controlled diet is extremely important.

I have been obsessed in getting the abs that I always dreamed of. I tried dieting and looked up YouTube for abs exercise. While I noticed some results but I could never get the chiseled abs that I always wanted. I’m aware of two weaknesses in my approach:

  • I was not disciplined enough to work on my abs.
  • I did not follow a plan to ensure I worked every part of my abs.

The app answers my weaknesses by instilling discipline on my routine. Additionally, it has a simple to follow plan that anyone can follow. When you first opened the app, you will need to select a plan from fat burning to advance. In my case I selected Rock Hard Abs plan.

In the plan that I use, there are usually around 20 routines or exercises and each one last about 30 seconds to a minute. There is a 30 second break in between. I find that the exercise easy to follow and not too difficult. However, as I progress throughout the plan some of the exercise will add more time and repetitions.

There is an animation showing how the exercise is done. You don’t need to watch a video and that is one of the reason why the app is so small in terms of size. I would use the voice prompt to assist in my workout.

The app will continue to track the progress and show me the results of my hard work. This answers one of my weaknesses by being discipline.

I have used the app almost a month now and I will have to agree with the name that you will get your six pack in 30 days. I didn’t expect to get a chiseled abs in 30 days but the results speak for itself. This is probably first time in my 30 years that I could clearly see my six pack. I will continue to use this app until I can see all my six pack well defined.

Six pack anyone?

If you are up for the challenge and want to stay fit, I suggest that you give this app a try. The exercise is easy to follow and the app is not intrusive. The best thing of all is the app is free. There is nothing to lose except the fat around your mid-section.

Getting Fit Journey (day 60 – 130)

It has been a while since I provided any updates on my journey to get fit. The current pandemic of corona virus (COVID-19) really has a profound effect on my plan. The unprecedented event is causing such a disruption on everyone’s life that the population of the entire world was brought down to their knees.

Thankfully my family remains healthy. No one from our immediate family were infected by the virus. We were fortunate enough take early precaution once we found out New York and New Jersey started to see spike in infections. We pray for those who were impacted by the family, especially those who lost their loved ones to this horrible virus.

Since early March I was fortunate enough to work from home. When the media began reporting the onset of early infection, the company that I work for initiated business continuity plan. Originally 2/3 of the employees would work remotely and the rest to work in the city. As the virus began to spread within 2 weeks, all 90% of the employees would be working remotely.

Early Plan

Originally I planed to continue with my diet plan and workout regime since going to the nearby gym was no longer possible. I thought that I would be working remotely and I will have enough time to continue with my workout plan. Unfortunately, that did not work out the way I wanted.

Staying indoors and avoid any outside contact are easy. However, there is the question of what to eat while staying at home 24/7. Not only that I have to feed myself, I have to constantly thinking of feeding the family of 5. My family would need to eat 3 meals a day for 7 days a week. From a week becomes a month. Now we are hitting the 3rd month. Most of my time was spent on thinking about grocery and food. I no longer have the luxury of thinking about my diet because it is no longer possible to keep 2 types of diets (one for family and one for myself) in these dire times.

What Changed

Staying indoors does not mean more time. I spend majority of my time working and thinking anout food. Since going to the gym is no longer possible continue with my workout plan was out of the question. I skipped doing strength training. Instead, I spend most of my time working on my abs and running on my treadmill.

My diet plan included removing all processed food, “white” ingredients such as rich and flour and red meat. Instead I started to consume these food in moderation. The positive side of eating at home is we are eating less of the processed food.

The Results

Thankfully I have not gained weight. I have lost 22 pound since I started my journey and my BMI has also dropped from 23 to 22 which is normal for my age. I was really surprised by the results because I reduced my workout and started consume the “forbidden” food. I believe this could be attributed to several habits that I continue to follow:

  • Eat at the same schedule – I do not starve myself but I continue to follow the same 3 meals a day and I eat them at the same time. Breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm. This will help my body to adapt and metabolize the food appropriately.
  • Eat in moderation – I continue to keep eating the same portion every meal. I do not “stuff” myself until I am full.
  • Eat smart – While I have started to some of the food that I swear I will never eat again, there are still some food that I do not eat. For example snacks such as chips which has no nutritional value or chicken wings which contain mostly fat.
  • Drink water and tea – I continue to drink tea in most of my meal. I rarely drink sugary drink such as juices. One a while I may drink tea with sugar but only on special occasion. Again, moderation is key.

I know the points I raised above work well for me and may not work for everyone. How do you keep healthy in this unprecedented time? What has worked or not worked for you? I’m eager to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and do come back as I provide further updates on my journey.