Tools for Getting Fit

One of the greatest thing that we have in today modern world to get fit is there are tons of resources available for free. You can use YouTube and learn some fitness routine or you can search online for fitness plan. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for obesity in America.

I could understand that many of us hesitate to pay or subscribe to services that we may never use. But if the best tools are available for free, why don’t we use them to their fullest. What we need to be successful is to have the drive and motivation to meet the challenges.

I have the same challenges when it comes to getting fit. There are a number of priorities that would take most of my time so getting the required exercise is probably not the most important thing I want to focus on. I remembered several years ago sitting in my manager’s office to go over my annual performance results. She asked me if I took any training. I told her that I did not take all the required training because I did not have the time. Her response was “you find the time”. She made me realized that I have been using “never have the time” as an excuse for things that I had never achieved.

Today’s blog is focused on a tool that I have started using and it is called “Six Pack in 30 days” app. This app is free with ads. The ads are not intrusive and they do not get in the way of me following the program. In fact most of the time I hardly aware there are ads. Please note that this blog is not paid by developer of the app. I’m posting this for the benefits of anyone who is interested in getting fit. Also like all exercise, you may want to consult with your doctors. If that is not possible, remember to limit yourself to what you are capable of. Finally, exercise alone is not enough; a controlled diet is extremely important.

I have been obsessed in getting the abs that I always dreamed of. I tried dieting and looked up YouTube for abs exercise. While I noticed some results but I could never get the chiseled abs that I always wanted. I’m aware of two weaknesses in my approach:

  • I was not disciplined enough to work on my abs.
  • I did not follow a plan to ensure I worked every part of my abs.

The app answers my weaknesses by instilling discipline on my routine. Additionally, it has a simple to follow plan that anyone can follow. When you first opened the app, you will need to select a plan from fat burning to advance. In my case I selected Rock Hard Abs plan.

In the plan that I use, there are usually around 20 routines or exercises and each one last about 30 seconds to a minute. There is a 30 second break in between. I find that the exercise easy to follow and not too difficult. However, as I progress throughout the plan some of the exercise will add more time and repetitions.

There is an animation showing how the exercise is done. You don’t need to watch a video and that is one of the reason why the app is so small in terms of size. I would use the voice prompt to assist in my workout.

The app will continue to track the progress and show me the results of my hard work. This answers one of my weaknesses by being discipline.

I have used the app almost a month now and I will have to agree with the name that you will get your six pack in 30 days. I didn’t expect to get a chiseled abs in 30 days but the results speak for itself. This is probably first time in my 30 years that I could clearly see my six pack. I will continue to use this app until I can see all my six pack well defined.

Six pack anyone?

If you are up for the challenge and want to stay fit, I suggest that you give this app a try. The exercise is easy to follow and the app is not intrusive. The best thing of all is the app is free. There is nothing to lose except the fat around your mid-section.


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