Are you happy?

Achieving happiness in life is easy if you don’t sweat the little things. Always look at the bigger picture but always aim high. Life is challenging, and at times quite stressful. I’m by no means perfect.

Often times I ask myself if the life that I’m having is what I always wanted. Many people will ask the same. Over time, 28 years to be exact, I believe I have found the answer.

Life is meant to be shared. Share it with your spouse, your partner or your family. Living life alone is when life starts eating you from inside out. You will start to hate life and depression will start setting in.

I always feel blessed when I met my wife, through the grace of God – more of that in my later post. We support each other throughout our life journey and we feel that we are made for each other. We have an open communication and I learn to actively listen when she talks. Follow along as I will list some of life lesson how to keep your love life strong in my posts soon.

Through her, I found my strength to enjoy my life everyday. Sure, not everyday is perfect but knowing that she will be home taking care of the kids and the home usually remove a lot of my worries away.


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