The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. – Carl Sandburg


Hi all! I have thought of writing a book, a poem or even a short story. But like everyone else who is alive, life takes hold and all the plans take a second seat.

I’ve always believed that I’m quite artistic and that I would have no trouble expressing myself through words or illustrations. But after almost close to 40 years (since grade school), I never knew I was so wrong. I’ve tried many times to put things in writing but always hitting a dead end. I’ve also tried to draw and put things in perspective; again I hit a brick wall head on. After a while, I resigned and gave up.

So, what has changed? I felt that my professional experience in the business world and my 21 years marriage with 3 kids finally put me in the right track to share my learning, tried and true experience with anyone who wants to listen. Is this the right forum? Maybe…who knows.

What is my focus in this blog? Well, there is no specific agenda. I’m going to touch on many subjects. For example, religion, work, life, finance, career, family, kids. Essentially, life subjects. Intrigue? Hope so.

So a little about me – I think I have a lot going for me 🙂 I immigrated to the US and became US Citizen in the late 90s. Since then I was lucky enough to work for several multi-national companies, but mainly in the financial industry. Over the years, I’ve been exposed to all levels of senior management and currently is responsible for providing reports and information to the Board of Directors for one of the biggest bank in the world. My personal life includes marrying my wife more than 21 years ago and have 3 teens of which one will be going to college in September.

I’ve been through ups and downs. Went through stages in life that I’ve never thought or planned. At the same time I’ve learn to enjoy life while I can and instill strong family values with my 2 boys and a girl.

Would all these qualify me as a life coach? I believe so. One thing that I will not consider myself as an expect is providing financial advises because I continue to struggle in this are.

Anyway, hope you will read my blogs in days to come and continue to follow me as I continue to publish one of my many experiences.


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